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Preparation of apartments in shorter time and without stress.

Get your rentals cleaned on time

Smart, mobile app for apartments preparation / cleaning, repairs & maintenance

This app helps with cleaning and housekeeping or maintenance process in vacation home and flat short term rentals.

Our mission is to facilitate communication within the apartments short term rental by creating simple and effective tools that ensure peace of mind for owners, managers and service providers around the world.

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What do you gain from Keep4U?

See what benefits using the app can give you

Wizualizacja kalendarza obłożenia obiektów

Visualization of the multi-calendar of object occupancy

The complete team sees a convenient multi-calendar for 10-day bookings. You can freely configure reservation colours for different OTA (guest stay) platforms. On the day of guest check-out, service requests are marked automatically.
Prosty, czytelny interface aplikacji

Up-to-date status of all sites always at hand

The app is available for Android and iOS. All you need to manage your orders is a smartphone and an internet connection.
Szybki kanał komunikacyjny z gospodarzem

Quick communication with the service team

Intuitive communicator, where the service worker can attach photos to provide real-time status from the facility.

Benefits for owners

Owners and managers of short-term facilities rentals (holiday guesthouses, apartments, hostels)

Wizualizacja kalendarza obłożenia obiektów

User-friendly task assignment for service technicians

Assigning a service technician to a service order is very easy. An employee confirms acceptance of a service order. Other team members can see that the service order is already taken.
Auto synchronizacja rezerwacji z iCal

Auto synchronization of reservations with iCal

Calendars from various booking systems (Airbnb,, …) are downloaded automatically. You can assign orders to a specific employee.
Przypisywanie zadań dla serwisantów

Checklists for orders

The checklist identifies all the activities that must be carried out to ensure that the apartament is properly prepared.

Benefits for cleaners

Service companies supporting facilities – cleaning, preparation for rental.



Service technician sees orders from different coordinators and through this functionality has all orders in one place, divided into different facilities and different companies.
Lista zleceń serwisowych

Service order details

Service requests contain the most necessary information for the order to be executed correctly (e.g. guest check-out times, number of guests for the next booking, arrival time, address of the property and detailed access information).
Wizualizacja kalendarza obłożenia obiektów

Orders archive

All orders carried out by the service technician are visible in the archive along with all documentation.


Check what other people think about the application.

Mark L.

Apartments Owner

Before Keep4U was installed we had to give the cleaning team constant updates on the booking status of our flats. This was very inconvenient for me and for the cleaning team. After entering our flats into the Keep4U app, I have the current status of all properties at my fingertips and so do the staff. The communication feature assigned to the maintenance task is a big help. Team performance has increased.

Catherine W.

Cleaning company owner

We currently serve 2 clients who rent flats on a short-term basis and thanks to the Keep4U app, I am able to schedule work efficiently on different properties. My employees have direct information when they can start cleaning at the property. For me, the app is a great convenience because I no longer have to send photos to the owner from the property. Everything is stored in Keep4U and linked to the cleaning. I will definitely recommend it to other clients.


4 steps to effective task management in rental accommodation

Step 1

Download the app and when registering as a user, select the role “host”

Step 2

Create a list of properties and link them to or others using iCal

Step 3

Send invitations through the system to your employees or cleaning companies

Step 4

Watch as your team takes up tasks and your properties wait to welcome visitors

Additional benefits

  • 30 days full free trial period
  • Give up when you want, without cost
  • You don’t need to plug in a bank card, Keep4U payments are processed via Google Play or ApplePay
  • Unlimited number of objects
  • We care about the security and privacy of your data
  • We will solve the problems you mention and analyse any ideas for improvement.


For 30 days from downloading and registering the application, you get  full functionality!

FunctionsFree foreverFull functionality
Addition of new facilities (no limits)
Adding service technicians to the team
Archiving completed orders
Edit service requests
Creation of manual work orders for service technicians
Visualisation of completed orders
Creation of cyclic service requests
Synchronisation of reservations
Messenger in service orders
Attachment of pictures and files to the communicator in orders
Visualisation of overlapping guest bookings from different iCal calendars (overbooking)

Plan S

5,99 monthly
  • Up to 30 orders per month

Plan M

12,99 monthly
  • Up to 60 orders per month

Plan L

18,99 monthly
  • Up to 120 orders per month

Plan XL

24,99 monthly
  • From 121 orders per month

Download app

Download the app now and test the full functionality for 30 days for free!

Cleaning checklist

What areas of the facility preparation process do you need support in? What are your headache problems?

Fill in the anonymous questionnaire and in return you will receive a template for the Checklist for the preparation of the apartment.

Please indicate below, what are the problems that are faced in your business?

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